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Our on site jewellery workshop offers excellence at an affordable price.

Jewelry Designer


snapped? snagged? won't fasten?

From a simple broken necklace or bracelet repair or a new fastener, we can complete all repairs in house to an excellent standard



Who doesn't want extra diamonds?

is it time for an upgrade? Our jewellers can transform your jewellery by upgrading or adding diamonds to almost anything you own. Why replace when you can upgrade.



Fit is guaranteed

We all change shape and size over time, how many people can still fit into their wedding outfit? We can adjust almost all rings to be the perfect fit for the size you need today. Our no quibble fit guarantee takes all the worry out of choosing the right size.

Male Jewelry Maker


A complimentary service

At Perkins Jewellers, we provide a free cleaning and inspection service.
Many Jewellers now charge to just look at your jewellery, we would rather you brought it to us the moment it has lost its sparkle! regular cleaning and inspection prolongs the life and allows us to spot any areas of wear before they cause you to lose a diamond.

Male Jewelry Designer


White Gold Plating

Rhodium plating or coating is the bright white finish you see on white gold when its new. Over time this wears away products like hand gel, suntan lotion etc all cause this to wear quicker leaving a more tinted yellow appearance. Our in house team can Re rhodium plate your jewellery restoring its shine.

diamond ring


Claws need maintenance

The claws that hold your diamonds or gemstones in your jewellery require regular inspection and maintenance. 
claws catching on your clothes should never be ignored, our in house team can asses the work and return you jewellery to its former glory.
If you have already lost a stone we can replace it for you

Image by Tiffany Anthony


We Go the Extra Mile

Pearls and beads by design need to be restrung over time, the silk used for threading stretches and will eventually snap. Our highly skilled threader can re string and restore your pearls or beads to their former glory

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